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Erasure Coding for Distributed Storage Wiki

This wiki is meant to provide a service to researchers by summarizing the main developments in problems relating to coding and network coding for distributed storage. Our hope is that this site can serve as an online paper repository and resource for researchers in the field.

This project is supported by NSF Career award CCF-1055099 and Microsoft Research.

Where to start?

  • An extensive list of Papers on Coding for Distributed Storage and related problems
  • Multimedia for a gentle introduction in the area of Distributed Storage
  • A short introduction to the repair problem

Wiki Guidelines

  • This is an online paper repository. Please add your paper if it relates to distributed storage, coding for storage or network coding.
  • Feel free to upload (or link to) slides, bib files, abstract or more detailed explanation of the problem that each paper is addressing.
  • All researchers are invited to get an account. Email to obtain an account. In the email please include name, affiliation, and current position.
  • If you would prefer to have a paper added without creating an account, email somebody with an account.
  • The wiki platform also allows registered users to edit everything or add new articles. Please add explanatory articles, open problems etc, and link related pages according to the Guidelines.
  • For any problem (or comments, suggestions, etc) regarding the wiki, email


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