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Adding a Paper

To add a paper go to the repository, find the category that best matches your upload, and edit your entry. The general script for adding a paper is given below

 == Title ==   

 Author1, Author2,..., and AuthorN,\\
 appeared in " ",\\

Adding a Definition

To add a definition go to the list of definitions, create a namespace by editing the page and inserting the following line

[[wiki:definitions:my definition|my definition]] 

Then create the page associated with such namespace in the following manner

 ===== My definition =====
 Back to [[wiki:definitions|definitions]] 

Adding a Code

To add a code, go to codes and edit the page. If your (n,k) coding scheme does not already have a subcategory then create one, else add the specific code in the following fashion

===== (n,k) =====
  *  GF(m) (n,k) codes presented by Author1 et al. [cite]

Creating an Anchor

Anchors are the dokuwiki equivalent to LaTeX \cite{paper}. To cite a paper in our repository or make a reference to a page inside this wiki include the following line in your text

[[wiki:page1:subpage1#headline|my anchor]]

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